Are you tired of not getting what you want?
    Do you want more out of life?
    Let a Life Coach who had helped many others, help you now!

Do You Finally Want To Know The Real Secret That Most People Don't Know To Attract an ABUNDANCE of Love, Money and Happiness... and Really Have the Lifestyle You've Always Dreamed !

Whether you have heard about the Law of Attraction or not, whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, regardless of where you are now, you can start today to improve your life

Dear Friend,


I know plenty of people who know about the Law of Attraction...

...but they're (still) not manifesting the life of their dreams and aren't happy!

So I had to ask myself, why?

Because even though they know ABOUT the Law of Attraction, they really do not know

what they are doing every single moment of every day that is making them attract more of the 

same unwanted stuff that they've been getting.

This information will be short and to the point, just like I am in my training.

So if you really want to finally apply The Law of Attraction to get measurable results,

what I have to offer you here is for you.

My friends and I say, "our lives are miracles as usual!"

That is how it is for me now.But believe me, I've not always been here. I've had my share of mis-steps, mistakes and mis-haps!  It took me many years and a lot of training to get to where I am now.

I don't want anyone else to have to take that long.

Therefore, I have condensed all I've learned into this very Simple information that you can begin to apply today.

"Gain the Ability to Believe in Yourself Beyond Where You Are Currently"

“Kathy has an incredible ability to not only believe in you, but to also help you to believe in yourself well beyond where ever you currently are. Finding people to believe in you and what you are doing is key to the success of any venture, once Kathy understands what you do and why you are doing it, you've found just such a person in Kathy Hadley.”

Nicholas St. Jon, Owner, We Do That! Technologies
worked directly with Kathy

"The law of attraction can play a role in your relationship and your choice of partner"

(featured on Oprah, Dr. Oz, CNN and NY Times)

"You can attract things into your life: with the provision that you use your brain effectively and efficiently.

-- Dr. Srini Pillay Harvard psychiatrist and brain-imaging researcher

The key is, most people do not know what they do every day that is NOT in alignment with The Law of Attraction that keeps giving them more of the results that they DO NOT WANT!

That is why I have created an ebook and audio training that explains the steps to manifest dreams into reality using a very, simple step-by-step guide.


Simple Law of Attraction Kit
The Step-by-Step System that Makes it QUICK and EASY to Manifest MONEY, LOVE and HAPPINESS

Simple Law of Attraction is the easiest way in the world to manifest results from Law of Attraction. Whether you're a Law of Attraction master or new to these universal laws, this system can help you transform your dreams into reality in record breaking time.

It's used by entrepreneurs, authors, life-coaches, actors, musicians, ministers, stay-at-home moms, and anyone else who wants to see positive results in their life.

"You're Missing A Layer of Success In Life Without Kathy's Training"

“I can honestly say meeting and working with Kathy Hadley has been one of the high points of my business career. She is focused, dedicated and passionate in everything she does. She knows the secret for helping you get things done.

As a business person she is incredibly successful. As a life coach she has helped her clients achieve remarkable results. If you don't work with Kathy when given the opportunity, your business or project will be missing a layer of success.”

September 17, 2006
Mike Lamb, Owner, Moneyroom LLC

Soon, you will be amazed at the success you've created in your own life using.....The Simple Law of Attraction System.

Here's What You'll Learn in the
Simple Law of Attraction System

    • ABUNDANCE CREATION -- The successful achievers secrets to remove your unkown blocks that suppress your FINANCIAL FREEDOM...remove these and quickly start to get on the fast track to wealth!
    • 2 things that may be causing you delays in manifesting your financial and relationship goals(Mostly likely you are completely unaware of both of these things, but knowing them makes the difference between getting what you want or not.)
    • 8 positive vibes you can use immediately to cause a emotional and mental shift for increased happiness.
    • WARNING : The critical misunderstanding people make about how the Law of Attraction works which makes it your ENEMY instead of your ALLY. Most teachers of Law of Attraction avoid teaching this.
    • Why positive thinking isn’t enough to manifest your desires... and how positive thinking combined with one other element can cause the shift you've been looking for.
    • The short ebook manual goes over all the basics of the Law of Attraction.
    • Plus, miraculous stories from my own Life Coaching Clients of more money, love, better careers and creating a happier life.
    • The audio adds even a deeper depth of understand of how to really USE The Law of Attraction for your own life.
    • and much more.

"...Kathy is an amazingly wise coach.  She is not just someone who has a lot of knowledge, but is unique in that she has integrated all of her knowledge into true wisdom. 

Even if you are at the top of your game, Kathy can help you achieve your goals more gracefully. I am proud to say that Kathy Hadley is my life and business coach!"  

Dr. David A. Jernigan
Best selling author and Founder of
Hansa Center for Optimum Health

“Kathy has great charisma and is a joy to work with. She knows how to help you get things done and FAST! Very trustworthy, friendly, compassionate and efficient in her role as a Life Coach. Her top qualities. She's personable, an expert who gets great results for you.”

September 19, 2006

Michelle Wentling
Copywriter and Business Owner

Michelle hired Kathy as her Life Coach in 1997
and has hired Kathy several times since then.

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“Kathy has an incredible ability to not only believe in you, but to also help you to believe in yourself well beyond where ever you currently are.

Finding people to believe in you and what you are doing is key to the success of any venture, once Kathy understands what you do and why you are doing it, you've found just such a person in Kathy Hadley.”

Nicholas St. Jon
Owner, We Do That! Technologies
Worked directly with Kathy.


"Completely Changed My Life from Negative Thinking to Positive Living"

"In a world where I was surrounded by negativity and living stuck in my thoughts of self doubt and worrying about what I didn't like going on, you've shown me a new way to live and think. Thank you for your wisdom! It has truly changed my life.

The more I focus on what I want, what I already have to be grateful for, and positivity, the better my life gets. I can't thank you enough for all that you've taught me and continue to teach me. I read your posts and emails daily, my only regret is not finding you sooner!

I look forward to each new post and email. You're a beautiful soul, helping others to become more grateful and beautiful daily!"

Sara Balph


"Completely Changed My Life from Negative Thinking to Positive Living"

“Kathy has great charisma and is a joy to work with. She also knows how to help you get things done and FAST! Very trustworthy, friendly, compassionate and efficient in her role as a Life Coach.”

Michelle Wentling


"Olympic Quality Training to Win GOLD and Succeed in Every Area of Your Life"

"One must be a great athlete in order to go to the Olympics, however no matter how good an athlete you are you will still need a phenomenal coach who can make you better. It is the same in the game of life and business! Kathy is an amazingly wise coach.

She is not just someone who has a lot of knowledge, but is unique in that she has integrated all of her knowledge into true wisdom. Even if you are at the top of your game, Kathy can help you achieve your goals more gracefully. I am proud to say that Kathy Hadley is my life and business coach!"

Dr. David A. Jernigan - Author, Everyday Miracles by God's Design; and Beating Lyme Disease, Owner of Hansa Center for Optimum Health for 14 years.


"Helping CEOs Get BIG Results"

“It has been great to work with Kathy in the IBI / CEOSpace community!

She has helped a lot of owners get their business off the ground with great advice, and she is POWERFUL in helping them apply the Law of Attraction to their business and personal life. What a lady!”

Paul Hoyt, Consultant | Author | Speaker, Hoyt Management Group
was with another company when working with Kathy at Business Consulting


"Achieve Greatness Fast and Easy"

“To encompass so many thoughts about Kathy into a short sentence is virtually impossible.

So I'll try and attach a couple of words which describe Kathy Hadley so you can have a feel for her as a person: limitless, giving, inspiring, driven, mindful, observant, and thoughtful.

And those are just a few.

Kathy is an amazing person to be with, to work with, and even to have a conversation with, as the whole time it's not about her, it's about you and your dream and how can she help you connect to the resources or the vibration, if you will, that will allow for you to accomplish your dream in the shortest amount of time possible.

She is without a doubt one who is here to inspire, connect and share with many.

We love how she interacts with others, always observant of what's happening with them and whether or not their dream is their passion.

If not, she knows who to connect them to or how to connect them to their passion so that they are doing the dream they wish to achieve.

Considerate, respectful, and loving with grace is the last way we'd love to describe and recommend Kathy.

She's amazing with people and her coaching and the way she holds people accountable to their vision and dreams is nothing short of amazing.

I recommend her for everything and anything that comes along as she's a mold breaker and one that never lets the small stuff get in the way of helping people achieve their greatness.

Any further questions regarding her may be sent to me at

Kind regards, Michael Murdock, CEO”
March 17, 2009
Michael Murdock, CEO/Owner, DocMurdock
worked with Kathy at Self-employed

YES!!!! Kathy I Want To Attract Love, Money and Happiness, but How Much Does it Cost?

I have coached many people who have gladly paid my hourly rate of $300 per hour.

That may seem expensive, but when you get totally fed up with being financially strapped emotionally drained and spiritually depleted, it's worth it!

The knowledge and tools to help you BUILD the life you want to live (and make the BIG money you want to make) is worth far more than $97.

But I want you to take action now. I don't want you to "think" about it, I want you to take this opportunity. Plus, I'm in need of testimonials from "formerly frustrated" clients, so to speed up the process I'm offering a 60% discount for a limited time only.

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That’s it.

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With the Simple Law of Attraction I offer a guarantee.: I'll give you a 30-DAY "FREE PEEK". 

You can listen, learn, and use this Seminar-In-A-Box 

for 30 DAYS!




100%Money-Back Guarantee!

Try Simple Law of Attraction today. Try these methods and see if they help you manifest your dreams into reality.

I GUARANTEE you'll manifest some results if you use these techniques in real life within the next 4 weeks or your money back.

If you're unsatisfied for any reason, or no reason at all (even if you think I wasted your time)... simply contact me within 30 days and I’ll give you 100% of your money back! No hassle, no questions.

My promise to you is simple : if it doesn’t improve your life, I don’t want your money. To begin now, simply click here - even if it's 2AM in the morning!


Plus, Get 3 FREE Special BONUSES With Over $200 of Value When You Order Today!

When you order before midnight, you'll also receive an extremely valuable bonus that is typically reserved for my first time coaching clients.

FREE BONUS #1 : Money Attraction + Successful Entrepreneur ($47 value)

Use the Law of Attraction combined with the secrets in Successful Entrepreneur to rapidly boost you income, IMMEDIATELY! Get over 100 tips you can use to mix-and-match, combine, switch and use with laser focus to turn any business into a GOLD MINE. You’ll develop the MINDFORCE required to ATTRACT new clients, ATTRACT new customers, ATTRACT new opportunities so clients, customers and watch MONEY come *floating* to YOU, instead of YOU going to them.

Don't have a business? That's okay. You'll discover how to unleash your passion, discover your field of success and get on the fastest, surefire path to success! It's doesn't matter what industry you're in -- this is all possible when you have proven formulas to identify profitable markets, avoid *barbwired* risks and develop instant rapport so your customers are gaspingn in anticipation to buy what you seel. Not only will you double, triple or quadruple your income... but soon, you'll be one of the most popular entrepreneurs in your market.

Even if you have no business experience or no plans of starting one, this guide gives you everything from A to Z to achieve success with getting your business off the ground. Put your money troubles behind you forever. You’ll also get tip on how to formulate a business plan and marketing plan.

FREE BONUS #2 : I Can Therefore I Will ($47 value) -

A positive thinking course that helps you remove your fears, remove your doubts, remove obstacles that are blocking you from reaching your true potential. You’ll discover how to mold your personality into the person you’ve always wanted to be, shape your future exactly the way you’ve wanted it and turn your mind into a SUPER FORCE. With this information, you can begin to unleash hidden power of your mind to achieve things you never thought possible. In every page you’ll get proven, valuable tips and advice to use your mind as a tool to create the reality of your dreams. Once you gain this super confidence, you’ll become virtually unstoppable.

FREE BONUS #3 : Free Email Coaching ($97.00 value)

I often hear clients say they wish they had more support along their journey. It's frustrating to make changes in your life when you're all alone. For the next 30 days, you'll receive my Daily Email Coaching that comes everyday without fail.

You'll receive valuable tips, advice and training that is exclusive to new members. I'll include this at no extra charge, when you start today. All coaching is discreet, private and confidential. (Value $97.00)

So in total, you get the entire Law of Attraction System plus 3 special bonuses.

The Universe is ALREADY Bringing You Close To Your Heart's Desires... But What Will You Do Next?

All you have to do is stay positive. Don't turn back!! Get the proper help that can guide you through the rest of the process.

Perhaps this is the answer you were searching for. Accept this opportunity today and begin living the life you desire tomorrow.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side.


Kathy Hadley


P.S. If this seems too good to be true, it may be... as you look back a few weeks or months from now.   


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"You CAN have the life you want and it can start right now."

Life Coach, Kathy Hadley